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Author: Nathan Parker

Nathan served as a contributor for the WeatherBug Backyard Blog since 2005 and an administrator for the WeatherBug Community since 2008 until it was discontinued with the sale of the WeatherBug brand to GroundTruth. He also served as the President/CEO of Mallard Computer, Inc., and WeatherMallard, and an administrator of until WeatherQuack merged under WeatherTogether. Nathan joins as a contributor and administrator, bringing his years of IT weather community experience to the team. He currently lives in his hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and he contributes severe weather reports to #ARWX on Twitter. Nathan spent a few years covering severe weather events in the North Georgia Mountains before returning to Arkansas. He graduated with a M Div in Biblical Languages from Luther Rice College and seminary and will be beginning a PhD in Systematic Theology shortly.
Welcome to Owen Farm Weather

Welcome to Owen Farm Weather

Welcome to Owen Farm Weather! I’m Chipper McDonald. I own a Personal Weather Station and report my local weather conditions from Owen Farm Weather in Purdy, VA. My PWS sends data to Wunderground, PWS Weather, NWS CWOP, WeatherCloud, WeatherBug, and anywhere else I can send data from my PWS to. I will also blog about weather events affecting Purdy, VA and share observation reports from my PWS. I look forward to being a member of the WeatherTogether¬†contributor team! View my…

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